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Long métrage documentaire

DISTRIBUTION Sophie DULAC distribution

Sortie le 8 Fevrier 2017


The Competition begins, significantly, with the image of a locked gate—that of La Fémis, one of the most prestigious film schools in the world, offering hands-on training from working professionals and accepting only 40 students per year from hundreds of applicants. This Wiseman-esque documentary from Claire Simon, one of France’s premiere nonfiction filmmakers, observes the process whereby those lucky 40 are selected—a process that is revealed to be highly personal, idiosyncratic, and subject to the vagaries of taste and personal prejudice.

Funny, penetrating, and surprisingly suspenseful, The Competition offers not only a unique opportunity to see the inner workings of an institution at the very heart of the French film industry but an invitation to look at the assumptions and roadblocks that shape any national film industry, and higher education in general.

Claire Simon


Auteur / Réalisateur Claire SIMON
Image Claire SIMON assistée de Aurélien PY et parfois de Pierre-Hubert MARTIN et Prisca BOURGOIN
Collaboration au montage Léa MASSON
Assistantes Emma BENESTAN et Giorgia VILLA
Montage son et Mixage Nathalie VIDAL Etalonnage Pierre SUDRE
Pré-étalonnage Gadiel BENDELAC
Assistants à la réalisation Lucas DELANGLE, Barbara CANALE 
Son : Olivier HESPEL assisté parfois de Clément Decaudin et Clément Trahard
Production : Arnaud DOMMERC, Belinda LEDUC